Some Further Photos

Here are just a few more photos of the Walnut L-OO.  The truss rod cover was cut from a sheet of acrylic, the nut is ebony, and the bone saddle now glued into the bridge with hot hide glue.  The guitar experienced a very mild settle-in over the course of the last week, although the Portland area was experiencing a very dry period, with the RH dropping to 27% at times, compared to the 60-80% we typically expect.  The guitar is changing day to day in tone and timbre, sounding very woody and is a real pleasure to play.

L-OO-tcover L-oo.hstockside


Compared to a ’34 L-OO.  Very different ‘burst, but pretty close in other regards.  This was before the pickguard and truss rod cover, of course.

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