Now based in Sonoma, California!


It’s been a big year for Chris Miller Guitars!  One that started as a relocation from Portland to Sonoma, California; a year that (almost!) saw my first son being born; and a tragic one in that my workshop was destroyed in the Nuns Fire.  So you can say we’ve had the worst of times, and the best of times.  I cannot begin to describe the anguish of losing my shop, years of tonewood collecting, and especially our family home where I was raised.  The rebuilding process will be slow and may be painful; we are still remembering things that were lost in the fire, and my parents have moved into a small rental nearby our house.  It would be easy to despair over what has happened…And yet, I feel so fortunate!  What an opportunity this was, being able to see an entire community forged together, helping one another and caring for each other.  I feel so lucky, in having such a strong, supportive spouse, a healthy son, my parents safe and sound; not to mention my fabulous customers and community.  A friend set up a GoFundMe that was critical in providing a safety net for lost wages, and will form the basis for the new shop-when it’s time.  Thanks to you all— we are safe and sound, in body and mind.  Thank You.

Elijah Miller was born January 2, a healthy 8lb 12oz baby boy!

While being evacuated from the fires in October, I picked up some work, helping to build an enormous redwood slab table. It was 26  12′ long, 3′ wide and 2″ thick slabs joined into a spiral.  Best of all, it was set on very not-level ground next to Bolinas Lagoon!  A most beautiful worksite.


In case you’re wondering about my work life: I am currently a Service Advisor for a hot rod shop in Santa Rosa.  This way I get to indulge in all things involving horsepower and chrome.  It provides some much needed stability for our family at the moment.  I continue to perform instrument setup and repair from my home workbench, so feel free to get in touch for a chat or to schedule a set-up, fret dress, etc.  I’d love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more lutherie-related developments!

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