A herringbone D28, and some belated final photos

So we had a 1938 Martin D28 come through the 12th Fret the other week, and I thought I’d pass on some photos.  Considered the epitome of a dreadnought, this Herringbone D28 would have been completed during Martin’s golden period, while they had perfected the (becoming very) popular dred shape, built very lightly and with fine Red Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood.  This era of Martins are certainly wonderful sounding, and consistant for both the fine fit and finish, but particularly have the most elegant neck carves and elegant appointments.  They occupy the pinnacle of collector prices for factory-built guitars, often selling for upwards of $100k.

This particular instrument has been retopped, likely by the Martin factory, sometime in the 1950’s.  It had also been refinished at that time.  While reduced in value, it is still a wonderful example of the best of the 1930’s/

bone1 bone3 bone2

Also, here is some photos of the Monica’s guitar, with firestripe pickguard, truss rod cover, and tweed case:

dec case DecCguit fire

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