Peace, Land, and Bread

This past weekend, I went and visited some dear friends in Southwestern Wisconsin.  While I was down there, I visited an amazing guitar shop (Dave’s Guitars), square danced at Gays Mills, and visited a very innovative and interesting repair person named Kevin Duhse.  We also celebrated a birthday in country fashion with food and tunes.

Lilly with Leland

Liz, leland, and Lilly

Liz and Jesse

tunes with Jesse, Aaron, and Nate




Most excellently, I finally had the chance to meet my friend Jesse’s new son, Leland.  I had a great time and ate very well, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


One thought on “Peace, Land, and Bread

  1. Penny Miller says:

    Great you shared your latest happenings with us. projects look great as well as your weekend with friends…nothing like it, especially when you’re so far from home.

    you asked me if I Saw anything amiss and. Just a l title thing is that Wednesday was spelled wrong. I knew yo u’d want to know.Going to Town in a little while to pick up my car from Scott. Hope to talk to you later today.

    I love you my son,

    mama & Pa too

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