Grand Beginning!

Hello!  Welcome and Howdy!

So I packed my Instruments, tools, and shoes into my truck and drove 2k miles from Portland, Oregon to Red Wing, Minnesota.  I’ll spend the next nine months studying and practicing instrument repair and guitar construction at Minnesota State College SE Technical.  It was hard to leave loved ones, a good job, and tasty coffee behind; but now I can enjoy the land of cheese curds and Friday night fish frys!  I’ll be a fatter, meaner, smarter guitar jockey when I finish in nine months time.  Here are a few photos to wet your whistle (or your waterstone).

The trip took 3.5 uneventful days, I went through two audiobooks and plenty of music, and I made sure to hit up small town diners and some roadside attractions.  I found out where in the heck Wall Drug is.



Our Hero, while somewhere in Wyoming.ImageImageThe Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, which appears to be the white man’s name for a very sacred place.  Still amazing to see, despite being overrun by a gaggle of tourists armed with 1+ million cameras, cell phones, and souvenir hats.

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