A Winter Night



Home for the holidays; Good marks in all classes, finished with assignments with time to spare.  After four fret jobs, I’m ready and excited to do some complex real-world refrets.  I’m on the lookout for promising apprenticeship opportunities; I’m visiting all of my favorite musical instrument shops in SF Bay Area, working on my 1956 Chevrolet Wagon, and eating great Mexican food.  Now, for a visual recap of the last month or so.


The polished fingerboard of Fret Assignment #3


My Crafters of Tennessee dobro gets a checkup, a shimmed saddle, and nice polish


Study Young Men!

New experiment: bacon/beet calzone/galette

New experiment: bacon/beet calzone/galette

Fun with Fretwork, and Electric Set-Up, Oh My!

Another wonderful week of learning the Noble Arts, or at least working up some excellent set-up skills.  This week we began our Fretwork and Electric Set-Up sections.  This means we kept ourselves busy preparing a mock-up fingerboard, a fret end dressing file, practicing soldering techniques, etc.

Electric set-up seems straightforward so far, using the same care and attention we are accustomed to taking with our work.  We’ll zip through it efficiently, I expect.

For the weekend, Aaron and I had a great day in Minneapolis, playing old time music, eating tortas, then playing more music.  We made a visit to one of the great guitar shops in the Twin Cities, The Podium.

The Podium is a cool little shop.  Open since 1959, they now specialize in fine acoustic instruments such as Collings, Santa Cruz, Fairbanks, and Kopp guitars.  Since I’ve been fairly obsessed with 1930’s Martin and Gibson instruments, I was very impressed with the selection of beautiful vintage reproduction slope-shoulder dreadnaughts, L-OOs, etc.  Real nice folks, as well.  Check ’em out.