Fall Update

I’ve had a busy Fall, with helping run the bike shop and improving my shop, playing lots square dances and getting really into Red Allen and Frank Wakefield’s Kitchen Tapes.  Two guitars are nearing the home stretch, and my shop has been vastly improved with a thickness sander, increased bench space, storage, and a new sharpening station that I am very pleased with.  I don’t have pictures of everything that has been getting done, but I’ll post what I do have now and try to be quick about showing all of the other cool stuff.

I am currently building a J-35/Roy Smeck 12-fret dred and a little O-18 I’ve taken to calling the Ranch Hand.  The Smeck is Adirondack spruce throughout, built in the Kalamazoo fashion (though cleaner, I should hope), while the Ranch Hand is sitka, with reclaimed back and sides, and a lovely aromatic spanish cedar neck.  Next up will be a pair of F-5 mandolins and a J-35 14-fret guitar.


Meanwhile, I have a lovely visit to Lopez Island in the San Juans, and made some new friends at Kestrel Tool.  They craft the finest traditional American carving tools I’ve ever seen.  I’ve put in my order, so we’ll see the knife they make me in the not-to-distant future.


Kestrel Tool

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