The Seven-Day Wonder

So my pal from Red Wing/Minneapolis came over for a special shop project.  We decided it’d be fun to try to build a guitar in a week, from start to finish, and then put it through it’s paces at the 16th annual Portland Old Time Music Gathering the following week.  We figured that we’d build a classic 1930’s guitar in 1930’s Gibson style—fast and loose, top-bound and stenciled.  We were inspired by our friend Todd Cambio at Fraulini Guitars who one time built a guitar in three days (by himself!).

Aaron arrived tuesday morning at 10am, and while I was working at City Bikes, he got the plates joined and thicknessed.  The next day, we got plates profiled, ribs bent, blocks glued in, back kerfing in, rosette installed, back braces glued, major top braces glued.  We ate burrittos, drank lots of espresso, and stayed in the shop until midnight.  We’re on target to have the box closed today!  Stay tuned for more!

tacke3 topjoinedrosy 7daywonder ribs

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