Repairs, and L-OO, and Reso-Crazy

Great stuff is happening!  Whenever I am not fixing bicycles, I gladly squirrel myself away in the guitar studio, put NPR on, and listen to the rain beat at the windows.

I am now performing a repair on a beautiful Martin D-16GT that had a nasty fall; a big punch in the back and a split in the lower-bout were the result.  They have already been nicely brought back together and glued.  I only have the “before” pictures, but stay tuned for the “after”.  The owner will be very happy to have her guitar back, safe and sound!


Also, the L-OO is coming along, with ribs bent, top and back joined and thicknessed, and the rosette has been routed and installed.  It is getting a classic ivoroid (go figure) Gibson-style rosette, and it’s looking sharp.  I’ve just received some much-needed tools to move forward with the process.




Here, after milling bracestock from Adirondack billets, I flex and tap each one to rate them: stiffest, lightest, more flexible, rubbery, etc.  Only the stiffest will become X-braces.

My interest in fixing up the 1930’s Kay Resonator was rekindled by seeing a beautiful 1930’s National Duolian.  I’ve decided to make a new walnut neck, convert it to a dowel-stick, make an ebony (or rosewood) fingerboard, and it’ll get a truss rod and evo frets as well.  Here are some pictures of the Duolian (taken backstage), and the Kay after I pulled the fingerboard:



More to come soon, don’t worry!

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