Granada Goodbye, Hello Philly and a bigger shop!

Finally, an update! This beloved Epiphone Granada came in with battered frets, a wavy fingerboard, and a shattered pickguard. It left with new Evo fretwire (goldy color!), a bone nut, and a new custom Tortoise pickguard. I also cleaned and polished the guitar, oiling the tuners and giving it that TLC. Now, as good (or better than!) new.

The original pickguard was a molded plastic piece that finally gave up after years of faithful (if flexible) service. Sadly, the output jack was hanging off the guitar. It needed help. I made a two-piece guard from tortoise acrylic sheetstock. I wanted to stay true to the funkiness of the original, while updating and lending a more traditional archtop vibe. Anyhow, the customer loved it!

The Evo fretwire is an interesting addition; it is slightly harder and longer lasting than the standard nickel/silver fretwire. It is also gold…awesome! I suggested it as a classy alternative, and so we went ahead with it. I think that it adds some character visually, however as the guitar wasn’t playable when it arrived, I can’t comment on any difference in tone.



The board is dressed, the new bone nut made, and frets hammered, glued, and dressed.

The board is dressed, the new bone nut made, and frets hammered, glued, and dressed.

All strung up!

All strung up!

New custom faux tortoiseshell p-guard.

With a new custom faux tortoiseshell p-guard.

In other news, I’ve just moved into a lovely new shopspace within the same building, still surrounded by bicycle framebuilders and just off of a major bicycle thoroughfare in Southeast Portland. I’m truly excited, and am repainting and jazzing up the space. Next up will be making some excellent custom benches, shelves, and jigs. Keep your eyes peeled for a shopwarming party in the next month.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Philadelphia for some guitar research and friendly sweet times. You can expect a full photo extravaganza of ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s guitars. I’ll be visiting Vintage Instruments, an excellent instrument shop, as well as attending the Philadelphia guitar show.

Stay Tuned!

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