Tailgraft, binding, and plug cutters!




The tailgraft is in, the box is bound, and I made some nifty ivoroid position markers. So, you’ll notice that I have a thing for ivoroid, the grained celluloid so favored by the fretted instrument makers of the (first) golden age of American Lutherie. I’ve loved the look of ivoroid fret markers, but haven’t been able to purchase them. So, I made some.

For the 1/4″ markers on the face of the fretboard, I was able to use a commercial plug cutter to cut some out of ivoroid sheet stock. For the petite side markers, I took the example of Frank Ford at FRETS.com and fabricated a plug cutter out of brass tube stock. It made some nice 3/32″ plugs when chucked into the drill press. Sweet!





2 thoughts on “Tailgraft, binding, and plug cutters!

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Chris
    Lynnie here on Molokai. Love reading your blog. We have a luthier(spelling?) here on Molokai. Thought it might be of interest and a good contact. His name is Dan Ryerson. Just google him. Also under manae.uke.com. He probably does not remember me but he put new tuners on an old cheap uke I had. He is very nice.
    Aloha nui

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