4 thoughts on “Photo Update!

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow those tools etc look so finished…… like a fine piece of woodworking to me….
    Good Luck……Hope to see you during Christmas

  2. anthonymurkar says:

    Looking great man 😀 I have to say as well…I love those knives you’ve got there with the curly maple handles. Did you make them?

    • cmillerguitars says:

      Hey Thanks! Yep, those are Oregon Big Leaf. I’ve been a bit nuts for sunbursts lately, so the handles got the treatment. The knives are from Ron Hock. Making the handles is an interesting problem, I’ll try to dig up some in-process pictures when I’m back home. Thanks for reading!

      • anthonymurkar says:

        Alright, cheers! I’ve been looking at some hock blades for a while, might have a go at making a knife like yours from some cocobolo I’ve got lying around 😀 Saw a great one a little while ago one a forum somewhere and I’ve wanted a nice one ever since then. 😛

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